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  • 3 Reasons Why Kids Need Exercise to Live Happy & Healthy

    Exercise brings many benefits to people of all ages. Regular physical activity can help children maintain a healthy weight and avoid chronic diseases such as diabetes. Furthermore, regular exercise during childhood can help kids develop a habit for physical activities that they can carry throughout their lifetime.
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  • Benefits of Positive Parenting

    Parents always wants to give their children guidance as they move through childhood. How can you help your kids develop good behaviour and learn positive habits? Furthermore, how can you accomplish this kind of development while having a positive relationship with your kids?
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  • Building a Strong Parent-Child Relationship

    A strong parent-child relationship is built as a parent and child spend time together. The hallmarks of a good relationship include trust, communication, love, attention, and encouragement. It is important to focus your efforts on ensuring that your time with your child is positive because positivity makes building a strong bond with your children much easier.
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  • Teaching Kids About Healthy Eating

    Diet is one of the most important factors for health in children. Not only can a healthy diet give kids the proper nutrition that they need for development, but it can also give them healthy habits that they can keep with them throughout their lives. Kids can be notoriously picky eaters, however, so how can you teach them about healthy eating and healthy food?
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  • Teaching Food Labels to Kids

    Nutrition is vital for everyone, but especially for children. At RSGC, we offer healthy food choices and a balanced diet. 
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